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The 'Original' Chilli Black Pudding
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The 'Original' Chilli Black Pudding

An intuitive development which combines spicy chilli flavours with our Award winning Black Pudding recipe, resulting a slow release explosion to tingle the taste buds. Excellent 10 week shelf life. 200g

Our Black Pudding Recipe dating back to 1879 has many awards not just in the UK but all over Europe.  Our Black Puddigns have an exceptional flavour and are not bland like many other black puddings sold today. All of our ingredients for our Black Pudding are specially sourced to give our product a taste that is worthy of its title 'Best Black Pudding in Britain'.  This Black Pudding has the traditional fat lumps that make the lancashire black pudding so exceptional.  However this one has a bit of a kick.  For more information on our awards click home and click on Awards.